We love to travel in our region. Vologda region is big and there are many interesting places to visit. One of them is Totma. This is an old town. Totma was founded in 1137.

small town
Totma from the view point on the church

The architecture in Totma has its own style. Churches were built by rich people and in the act of championship – to build the most beautiful and interesting building. Those rich people mostly were traders. They get their fortune by selling fur. They traveled by ships and the marine theme was converted to the architecture style – the churches were made look like ships.

Crosses are like tops of masts
trees and top part of the church
Church over the trees

Also Totma churches have specific cartouche style. They are not glued to the walls as usual. Those cartoushes were made by bricks pulled a bit out of the walls and shaped afterwards.

church at night
Cartoushes on the walls of the church

Totma is standing on Sookhona River. It is a long and beautiful river that comes from Lake Kubenskoe and ends at Severnaya Dvina River.

Sukhona River
Sookhona River

Totma is also called the city of sailors even there is no sea near Totma. River played big role in that. The town was once a popular place for traders. Totma keeps its past of good relationship with California, US. In the early of 19th century sailor named Ivan Kuskov made two expeditions to North America to find some place to live. Kuskov noticed a place near Bodega Bay with high pine trees and beautiful fields. His team and he founded a fort there named Fort Ross. Today Fort Ross and Historic Museum in Totma still have good relationship.

The monument for sailors from Totma
The monument for sailors from Totma
three bells and church
Downtown of Totma

Totma is located on 60th parallel. The longest day is June 21 and it lasts for 18 hours and 52 minutes. The shortest day is December 21 and it lasts for 5 hours 52 minutes. It is twice closer to North Pole than to equator from 60th parallel.

Monument of 60th parallel
Monument of 60th parallel
Monument of 60th parallel
Monument of 60th parallel

Accidently we drove through an old village near Totma called Tsareva. It is an old village.

road sign
Road sign with the village name – Tsareva

On the side of the road we noticed an old church building. It was orthodox Church of Christ Resurrection. By the remaining you could say that it was a beautiful building. It had lots of decorations that disappeared with time.

old church
The Church of Christ Resurrection
ruins inside the church
Partially destroyed second level
wall with old paintings inside the church
Some of the paintings remain.
ruins inside the church
Inside of the church
grass and old brick building

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