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    To Scandinavia by Car

    Travel to Scandinavia. Preparations The road and the boarder The dog Camping sites Culture and life Summary Before the trip, itโ€™s worthwhile to calculate everything exactly: expenses for food, housing, transportation, etc. You need to build a route and find places for overnight stays, calculate the time between the points and the time that will be spent on sightseeing. It is definitely worth considering options for changing the route. Ferry crossings – in our case, we bought ferry tickets before crossing the first border, because there may not be any free places for arrival on the ferry. In our family, it turned out that Nadia is involved in travel plans, but I am engaged…

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    A trip to Vytegra

    A trip to Vytegra was one of the most interesting trips we’ve had. On the way to Vytegra we passed the forest. It is actually true that the whole way was through the forest. In the middle of the road we turned into the woods to take a break. It was a lovely sandy road among pines. This is an old lingonberry from the last season. Here are the flowers of lingonberry. This is a huge pine! Then we came to Vytegra. The most interesting place there is the museum of a submarine B-440. The museum was nicely organized. Getting the orders! ๐Ÿ™‚ Kingston – this is kingston vavle that fitted…